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Tough against sweat with a new formula

Excessive sweating and the daily fight against body odour
and sweat marks is a problem faced by many people.
seven days® offers reliable protection.

Dermatologically tested and proven effects.

The effects of seven days® have been dermatologically tested and proven. seven days® has also been awarded a "very good" skin-care rating from the Dermatest Institute, D-Münster.

To give that ultimate dry feeling

seven days® reliably protects and is harmless to use. Many of our customers have been able to embrace a new and carefree lifestyle
after starting to use seven days®. You can also benefit from the reliable effects of seven days® and enjoy a newfound confidence.

Ultimate dry feeling

My biggest problem used to be the feeling of having constantly wet armpits. This has now become a thing of the past thanks to seven days®.

Finally, no sweat patches!

I use seven days® and could no longer do without it. seven days® has been a great help to me in my everyday life.

I am now a person of pleasure

Ever since I started to use seven days®, I can now truly ENJOY summer, work, sport and concerts!